Lets Fucking Ride!
Hey :)

Well hi! How are ya?

What up tumblrverse

I feel like its been about 6 months since I last posted. Mainly because it has been.

How yall been?

Goodnight beautiful. :)

Ran into two of my friends from Texas at the bar last night. Woo!

Ran into two of my friends from Texas at the bar last night. Woo!

Just started playing NHL 2013…

I still think 2012 is better. And I still fucking hate the Penguins. For real. Fuck Sid Crosby. French Canadian Faggot…

I have a drinking problem…

Ive gone through half a bottle of Jack and i dont even feel affected. I need my tolerance to go down, im becoming quite an expensive date.

I miss you a lot and you have no idea how much I wish we could start from day one. What's even sadder is you have no idea who this is from.

If this is who I think it is, I wish we could too…

Its time to switch to whiskey, we’ve been drinking beer all night…

Hey you!

Well howdy! Who are you friend???

Whiskey and Harley’s


If you line up the yellow lines with the left side of the handlebars and the white line with the right side of the handle bars, it’ll get you home every time…


Think I’m gonna go ride my motorcycle without a helmet for a little while

I think I might do the same thing. I need some bike therapy. Fuck single digit temperatures, Ive got a bandana.

Reblog if you want an extremely sexual message in your ask



Because I am bored!

because i want to see which one of my followers will be the most creative 

Where are all of my Colorado buddies at?

I finally made in town, whos down to party?

Apparently the lack of hockey has made Mother Nature forget that it’s winter.
Holy shit…

Moving to Colorado in the morning. I still need to pack the truck. BUt first, skype date with a pretty girl.